Almost Darkness – Wien Modern

Date: Fri 13th November, 2020
Venue: Club Porgy & Bess, Riemergasse 11, Vienna

The Riot Ensemble make their debut at Wien Modern with world premieres from Chaya Czernowin (Fast Darkness) and Clara Iannotta (New Work), alongside Ann Cleare’s piano trio (93 million miles away)

Do you know that moment when you fall into complete insecurity in the middle of a series of mental attunements? Like that brief sensation of falling when you thought there would be a step on your next step, but then there was none? Or if your hands suddenly feel like someone else’s hands for a split second? Imagine this brief moment of blindness stretching to 20 minutes, with all the quick U-turns and confusion … You long for the incoherent to solidify into clarity, but when it does, it can be terribly surprising … (Chaya Czernowin)

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Porgy & Bess - VIENNA – Now. Forever

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