Vantage Point

Date: Tues 17th March, 2020
Time: 7pm
Venue: Cardiff University Concert Hall, Cardiff (CF10 3EB)

Riot Ensemble makes our third appearance at Cardiff University, with an array of chamber songs spatialized throughout Cardiff University’s concert hall, punctuated by virtuosic solos from Berio (Sequenza XIV) and Donatoni (Soft).

Performed from various points throughout the concert hall, this concert of vocal chamber music revolves around Saad Haddad’s Vantage Point, and ranges from local Cardiff University composers (a world premiere from Robert Fokkens and Shadow Woman by previous PhD student Blair Boyd) to Luciano Berio’s rarely performed Sequenza XIV (for solo cello) and Franco Donatoni’s Soft (for solo bass clarinet).

Luciano Berio Chamber Music
Judith Weir Really
Luciano Berio Sequenza XIV
Saad Haddad Vantage Point
Blair Boyd Shadow Woman
Franco Donatoni Soft
Robert Fokkens Song Cycles: Four Colonisations, Two Songs on text by Ibn al-Arabi, and a New Work.

Tickets will be available online from Cardiff University

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