Written for Me (#1)

Date: Saturday 15th November; 7.30pm
Venue: Cecil Sharp House, Trefusis Room.
As part of our Sound and Music Portfolio programme this year, we are hosting international soloists Heather Roche (Bass Clarinet), Marco Fusi (Viola D’Amore) and Rafal Luc (Accordion) in London.  After a day of masterclasses and composers workshops, these three soloists will give a joint concert of repertoire that has been written specifically for them by composers from around the world, including:

Gavin Higgins Kathedrale
Ian Anderson Siren (World Premiere)
John Croft Intermedio iii
Martin Iddon Ptelea
Lorenzo Romano chi ha paura delle maree 
Federico Gardella cinque notturni da braccio
Felipe Lara Postcard
David Young Escurial

The soloists – and the three composers taking part in the Portfolio Scheme – will present the informal concert in conversation with our Artistic Director Aaron Holloway-Nahum.

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