sky-me, type-me

Date: Wed 29th April, 2020
Venue: University Hall, University of Nottingham NG1 4FQ

Following our appearance in October, the Riot Ensemble returns to the University of Nottingham with a concert that explores themes of virtuosity and aspects of performance and communication.

In Beat Furrer’s Lotófagos I, a soprano and double bass appear to be trapped in an echo chamber. In Jagoda Szmytka’s sky-me, type-me, four performers resort to walkie talkies and megaphones to try to make themselves understood. Rebecca Saunders’ Fury is a virtuoso exploration of the extremes of musical gesture. In between these works are examples of a different kind of challenge. The music of the late avant-garde pioneer Pauline Oliveros – in the form of texts written for rocks and other unconventional ways of making sound – seems to leave lots to chance, but requires a unique level of spiritual commitment instead.

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A look back at HCMF 2015

We had a wonderful time performing on the opening night of the 2015 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Ian Faragher and Nigel Bryant – of Sonic Imperfections – discussed their experiences of the weekend (including our concert) on Resonance Extra:

Huddersfield’s Artistic Director Graham McKenzie had this to say:

Graham McKenzie - Riot Tweet - HCMF2015

You can watch our performance of Jagoda Szmytka’s sky-me, type-me below, and more recordings will soon be available on our past performances page.

HCMF: Szmytka, Fernando & Hyla

Date: Friday 20th November
Venue: Blending Shed at Bates Mill, Huddersfield

We are absolutely thrilled to make our HCMF debut with the wild and bizarre worlds of Jagoda Szmytka, Samantha Fernando & Lee Hyla.  The concert includes UK premieres of Szmytka’s Game Boy and Empty Music, along with Hyla’s 30-minute retrospective My Life on the Plains. Samantha has created a new version of her piece Positive/Negative Space especially for this concert.  All of the music is deeply personal & characterful, and the concert will be ‘guided’ by an audio tour created by Szmytka especially for the night.

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