Breathe AHR: 4

In association with Breathe AHR, the Riot Ensemble presents a free 1:00pm lunchtime concert at Guys’ Hospital.  The concert features Riot Ensemble’s soprano Celeste Cronje and accompanist Charis Hanning in an array of music circling around the ideas of Sleeping and Waking.  Music includes Maconchy, Mozart, Berg and Alexina Louie.

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Aldeburgh English Song Project

At Club Inegales at 7:30pm on Thursday 5th December.

Music composed on the 2012-13 Aldeburgh English Song Project by Kim Ashton, Oliver Brignall, Samantha Fernando, Benjamin Graves, Aaron Holloway-Nahum, Roberto Kalb, Sarah Lianne-Lewis, Stephen Mark Barchan, Chris Roe and Amir Tafreshipour.

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