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I am absolutely delighted to announce that the call for scores for The Riot Ensemble’s 2014-15 Portfolio Scheme with Sound and Music are now open!  This will be the first Portfolio Scheme to pair emerging UK composers with international musicians.

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There will be a public UK masterclass from each of these musicians in November, followed by a workshop (April) and concert in June 2015 with our Artistic Board performing alongside them.  The project will revolve around three new pieces from three emerging UK composers, one of each of these incredible players:

Heather Roche, Bass Clarinet
I can’t say enough about how much I adore Heather’s playing, or how much she does on behalf of composers day-to-day.  Just take a look, for example, at this catalogue of Bass Clarinet techniques she has documented on her website.

Marco Fusi, Viola D’Amore
I first met Marco in France, where he was performing on both the violin and viola with Ensemble L’Arsenale.  I’ve wanted to work with him ever since, and when the opportunity came to get him involved on the Viola D’Amore (on which he is one of Europe’s foremost performers) I literally jumped at it.

Rafal Luc, Accordion
Rafal is a performer I’ve known ever since my time at the Royal Academy of Music, where we always used to half-joke that – among one of the foremost institutions in the world – it always seemed the strongest department in the whole building was the accordion one.  I simply can’t believe some of the things I’ve heard Rafal do with his instrument in performances and am hugely excited for whichever composer eventually gets to work with him.

The final pieces will feature these performers, and will also include members of our Artistic Board, themselves some of the foremost contemporary performers in the UK.  Composers only need to send in two scores (one for a solo instrument, the other whatever you think is your best work) and a few other documents for consideration.

The deadline for the call is noon on 9th July.

You can find further details, and make an application, over on Sound and Music’s webpage.

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