November Music: Solstices

Date: Sat 2nd Nov, 4.00pm
Venue: ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Solstices is a 70-minute piece from Georg Friedrich Haas, which takes place entirely in darkness. For 10 musicians, including a completely re-tuned grand piano, Solstices opens with a passage of taut, energetic and precise music.  From here the piece turns to a process of deep-listening by the musicians who, led by a totally re-tuned grand piano, play and tune a series of overtone chords.  Soon Haas introduces a variety of musical ‘games’ and elements that play upon the surface of this slowly moving texture.  Building to an intense climax, the final chord is held by the musicians for more than four minutes.  Haas writes:

very gradually the light comes back
the brighter the light, the softer the music
decrescendo al niente

Riot Ensemble give the Dutch premiere of Haas’ Solstices as part of November Music. Tickets go on sale here.

Solstices is a commission by the Riot Ensemble, with support from the Darmstadt Internationales Musikinstitut, November Music, the Royal Academy of Music and Dark Music Days.

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