2015 Composer in Residence: Jose Manuel Serrano
We first performed Jose’s music as part of our Les Citations project in 2014.  His interview with us before that concert gives you some insight into what we love so much about his music:

About if I can describe my music…I can say that in the last years I was very interested in worlds which can be found between textures like chorals, paraphonies, monodies and heterophony, working with the ambiguity, duality and clear meanings in between of them. Let’s say: all the possibilities of meaning between the vertical and horizontal dimensions. With some slow and far melodical/textural/timbrical ideas which can have some references to music from the past. I like to expose the materials with some fragility, almost naked, to produce some tension, but that don’t means that the materials don’t have different natures and that they will be very restricted, or that there will be not big changes and strong contrast during the piece. I want to work with something synthetic, but not simple, which includes all the character I want or need without a forced and stylised elaboration, or a superficial refinement. A material that is exactly the one I need. (But that is really hard to find any time and needs lot of time), And if the material is apparently complex or apparently simple, I will just let it be.

We will be giving the UK premieres of a number of works by Jose in 2015, and he will write us a new piece for our final concert of the 2015 season.

Call for Scores 2015

Coming soon!  Our 2014 call for scores saw 126 entries from all over the world.  One of the selected composers, Holly Harrison, wrote us this fantastic percussion duo:

Other composers we are performing (so far) in 2015:
Pedro Alvarez
Marcos Balter
Amy Beth Kirsten
David Bird
Oliver Brignall
Richard Causton
Aaron Copland
Athena Corcoran-Tadd
George Crumb
Arne Gieshoff
Ric Graebner
Helen Grime
Patrick Harrex
Jonathan Harvey
Aaron Holloway-Nahum
Lee Hyla
Daniel Kidane
Thomas Kotcheff
György Kurtág
Felipe Lara
Jenna Lyle
Marco Momi
Conlon Nancarrow
Ed Nesbit
Chloe Knibbs
Jose Manuel Serrano
Elizabeth Maconchy
Augusta Read Thomas
Wolfgang Rihm
Frederick Rzewski
Igor Stravinsky
Alex Temple
Amy Williams
Nina C Young

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