Call for Scores 2017

2017 Call for Scores Commissions

Our 2017 call for scores saw 279 entries from all over the world. We are so grateful to everyone who applied. It was a truly rich month of listening for us. We started out with two commissions to give, but were so overwhelmed by the quality and scope of what we were hearing – and so lucky to have some willing partners – that we finished awarding seven commissions to composers from France, Poland, South Korea, Croatia, England and the United States.  Here they are:

Mirela Ivičević and Sylvain Marty will write us new works for bass flute, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola and cello.  These piece will be premiered in Brighton on 28th October.

Molly Joyce will write us a new work for twelve performers for our opening 2018 concert at LSO St. Luke’s – where we will also perform Elliott Carter’s Double Concerto alongside the UK premiere of Pierce Gradone’s To Paint their Madness.

Nikolet Burzyńska will write us a new work to be premiered in November 2017.  Details of this performance are not yet public, but will be announced soon.

Nordic Music Days
In addition to the four composers above, Riot Ensemble is pairing with Nordic Music Days to commission and collaborate on six new works during the 2017 Nordic Music Days festival.  Over three days at the Southbank Centre, Riot will workshop and collaborate with three UK-based and three Nordic composers to develop new works.  The subsequent pieces will be premiered in Sweden, in early 2018.  The UK composers who will be joining us are: Aaron EinbondGeorgia Rodgers and Donghoon Shin.


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