Royal Liverpool Philharmonic: Close Up Concert

Date: Mon 25th Nov, 2019
Time: 8pm
Venue: Music Room, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic (L1 9BP)

Riot Ensemble feature in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic’s Close Up Concerts series, giving you the chance to experience works by Rebecca Saunders, Lee Hyla, Bernhard Gander, Marc Mellits, and Isabel Mundry in an intimate and relaxed setting in the Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room.

Lee Hyla We Speak Etruscan for bass clarinet and baritone saxophone
Bernhard Gander ‘Ö’ for Quintet (UK premiere)
Marc Mellits Black for bass clarinet and baritone saxophone
Isabel Mundry Die Vorüberlaufenden for bass clarinet, bass flute, and cello
Rebecca Saunders Flesh for solo accordion (UK premiere)
Luciano Berio Sequenza XIV for solo cello

Tickets £20/£17
Book here (tickets go on sale 24 June 2019)

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