CFS 2020


We say it every year, but our Call for Scores is an annual highlight for us, and so we’re hugely excited to be opening up our 2020 Call for Scores!  We’re looking forward to hearing a bunch of new music from composers we don’t know yet, and hoping to catch up with some of you who have applied in past years. 

Details on this year’s Call:
This year’s call for scores will result in two commissions. 

The first will be:

Flute(s), Clarinet(s), Percussion, Piano, Guitar, Violin and Cello, and will appear on a Riot Ensemble’s main-stage concert at Kings Place (Hall One) in 2021.

The second will be:

Flute(s), Oboe(s), Clarinet(s), Violin, Viola and Cello, and will be a part of Riot Ensemble’s opening concert in a new festival we are launching in London, in early 2021.

Both pieces will be rehearsed and given a public premiere in 2021, and both composers will receive a professional, live AV recording of their piece. (This is a minimum. All our commissions are considered for our ongoing recording sessions, and many of our commissions to-date have been released on our growing discography.)

Commission Fee
The fees this year are supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund, and are £1750 for each commission, with another £250 available to support travel and/or publishing costs.


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Any composer not currently represented on our 2020 Season is eligible to apply.

What to Submit
Using the form below, please submit:

  • Your name, E-mail address & Country of Residence
  • Your current Resume/CV
  • PDF files of two recent scores (within the last 5 years).  These pieces may be for any instrumentation – we simply want your best work! (NB: scroll down within the form upload your second score!)
  • Links to Soundcloud or YouTube recordings of these pieces.

Entry Fee
We are charging an entry fee of £10.  All funds raised from this call go directly to musicians involved in the concert in which these works will be premiered.  We will receive your e-mail along with your payment so please let us know if your paypal account is not registered to your preferred e-mail address.  Any composer who has attended two or more of our 2019 concerts will have this fee waived.  Simply let us know if this applies to you by sending us an e-mail listing the concerts you attended in 2019. 

The deadline is 14th February at 11:59pm LONDON time.
We regret that under no circumstances will we be able to extend this deadline!

Entries will firstly be judged against eligibility and the winning composers will then be chosen by members of our Artistic Board.  The winning composers will be announced no later than 14th March with the final pieces due in December of this year. 

If you have any questions, e-mail us and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you all, and we are looking forward to your music!
NB: please submit your files in the form below FIRST, then make your payment via PayPal. Don’t worry if you do this in reverse, but it will just prevent the website telling you you’ve submitted before you did!