The Riot, MeWe360 (London 2015)
The Riot Ensemble’s dedication to showcasing new music and bringing contemporary classical stylings to new audiences in unexpected venues is to be admired, respected, and imitated at every opportunity. The chamber performance is an experience in the cyclical evolution of music performance, and isn’t to be missed.
– Angelina Panozzo, I Care If You

The Riot, MeWe360 (London 2015)
It was a great concert with phenomenal music and well thought out programme. The setting was intimate and this made a big change to how the music was received:  sitting comfortably with a drink in your hand is an inviting setting.  It is a new (and yet so old) way to hear the music. Holloway-Nahum’s great insight into the composer’s ideas and thoughts (Harvey’s daughter Anna and Gieshoff himself were present too) made the music much more tangible and thought-provoking.
Blue Flamingo Music

Les Citations (London, Cambridge, 2014)
Led by the extremely talented composer-conductor Aaron Holloway-Nahum, The Riot Ensemble are the very embodiment of young talent. Their flexible lineup comprises a seemingly endless list of brilliant young musicians…
– Laurence Osborn, Culture Whisperer

Wednesdays at the Forge (London, 2014)
Earlier this year I went to The Forge in Camden to hear The Riot Ensemble present a contemporary programme of homogenous groups. Five bass clarinets played together. Then four trombones (and a tenor voice).  Best of all was a piece by US composer Amy Beth Kirsten for five bassoons: “World Under Glass No. 1”. Heard up close, this texture was amazing, the whole room buzzing with bass reeds, like a kaleidoscope of wood panelling.
Clive Bell, The Wire

The opening night [of Wednesdays at the Forge] has two performing groups…the second a group called Riot Ensemble who live up to their name (albeit with exmplary musicianship) and are presenting a programme with the title Flatulence of the Gods: An Evening of Very Low Notes.
Classical Music Magazine

Transatlantic Collaborations (Brighton, 2013)
4/5 Stars: “Don’t be scared of contemporary classical music, since this fantastic evening of compositions from all over the world showcased some beautiful gems. Nicholas Omiccioli’s ‘Invisible Worlds’ was ominous and enthralling, with piano parts like the sustained final chord on ‘Sgt. Pepper’ blending in with a trilling flute sublimely. György Kurtág’s ‘Signs, Games and Messages’ was another highlight, with the ‘Wailing Song’ possessing a fluidity and grace like a smoother musical saw. The night was great value for money (eight classical pieces for a tenner) so check them out when they return to Brighton if you’d like something different and striking.”
– Joe Fuller, The Latest

Songs and Haiku (The Warehouse, 2013)
“…it is a great privilege to see great friends perform together.  Cronje’s rich, warm and expressive voice suited the repertoire of these international composers well.  Racovicean’s absolute precision and innate musicality provided coherence and beauty in what could have been very muddy waters….There’s so much more we could say.  In just an hour long concert we were given so much to ‘eat’ that we were full to bursting – but still wondering at the beauty of all consumed.  Looking forward to the next one!”
Blue Flamingo Entertainment